list #2: projects to possibly start in the near-term that make me raise my eyebrow in interest when i consider them


1.  Revisit a novel I began writing a decade ago, when I was single and living in London, to see if there's anything worth salvaging.

2.  Put together an online video teaching the very basics of photography, to offer really inexpensively.

3.  Start outlining a sequel to The Beauty of Different -- similar vein, different perspective.

4.  Develop a proposal for a Continuing Legal Education course that would combine both my legal training and my creative skills.

5.  Take the framework of the second book I was working on, but fictionalize it, possibly turning it into an anthology of short stories and images.

6.  Conceptualize a gallery photo exhibit to accompany the release of The Beauty of Different.


As you can see, my head is all over the place these days.  It's exciting to have all of these ideas to mull over, but I'm looking forward to focusing on just one.  The thing is, one in particular hasn't clamoured loudly enough for attention yet.

Soon, though.  I hope.


Image:  Continued spoils from number 65 of my life list, photographed yesterday afternoon with my Nikon D300 and the 50mm lens that Nikon graciously lent me.


SongCrazy, as performed by Alanis Morissette