nablopomo day 10: leaving your mark

I've been thinking a lot recently about what it means to "leave one's mark"  -- listening to Mr. Gandhi speak does that to a lot of people, I imagine. In general, I'm certain "leaving your mark" means "helping to make the world a better place," but to what extent?  Need it be something that people will write books about?  Or something that will make the local newspaper?  Or just a little something that someone will mention fondly in your eulogy?

Or maybe, it's just about making art  -- whatever kind of art, however defined, however made -- to create a moment of beauty for someone.

That's what I was thinking, anyway, when I saw the following video on my friend Gabby's website.  I'm sure these women were simply captivated by the movement of these thousands of starlings and so spontaneously grabbed their camera, but I'd say by simply recording it and sharing it with us, they definitely left their mark.


Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.



Image:  Photograph of spirit stones, taken with my Nikon D300, 50mm lens.  These stones were created by Jo Hanlon-Moores, who was one of the participants in the early fall session of my Chookooloonks Path Finder.  I love them -- and you can get your own here.  (Thanks, Jo!)  aperture 1.4, shutter speed 1/100, ISO 500


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