nablopomo day 9: the happiest place on earth

So, have you heard of Bhutan?  It's this tiny little nation in Asia, and it's sort of famous for being reputedly the happiest place on Earth.  I'm not making this up:  instead of measuring GDP, or "gross domestic product," like most countries do, Bhutan's government has a "Gross National Happiness" index, where quality of life and social progress is measured in more holistic terms. 

I sort of love this.

Anyway, yesterday, the always-dapper and always-exceptional Caleb Gardner tweeted a link to this really fabulous project, "Balloons of Bhutan," where photographer Jonathan Harris created a "portrait of happiness of the last Himalayan kingdom."   People, I got lost in this project.  It is just so damned beautiful.

Seriously, set some time aside, grab a cup of tea, and go take a look.

Here's the artist's statement.

Here are their faces.

Here are their hands.

And here, God help me, are their voices.

Enjoy.  And be happy.

Image:  Welcome home flowers chosen for me by Alex.  Photographed with my Nikon D300, 50mm lens.  aperture 1.4, shutter speed 1/200, ISO 500


Song: Holding back the years, as performed by Gretchen Parlato.  Many thanks to Christina, who turned me on to this album yesterday.

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