nablopomo day 25: where's walrond? (day 8)

Happy Friday, friends!  Hope you had a great week (we certainly have), and those of you in America stuffed yourself silly with turkey and all the trimmings yesterday. Today, this is the final photo clue of the Where's Walrond? challenge.  While someone correctly guessed the right answer several days ago (based on a pint of Guinness, no less!), for those of you who are continuing to piece together our Undisclosed Vacation Location, I thought I would share the absolutely most revealing photo I've taken while we've been here this week.  This one is a dead giveaway of where we are for two reasons:

a)  This location, built by the Roman Empire 2000 years ago, appears on many (or most?) postcards from this city, and

b)  The name of the city is actually because of this location.

One more hint:  we're not in Ireland. Or Scotland.

Final guesses?  I'll reveal the location (and the winner!) on Monday's post (although I'll put up more of our photos from this trip over the weekend for you to mull over).

Thanks so much for playing along, friends -- it's been such a gas to have you virtually travel with me!

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