jamie's, and susannah

The view from the table by the window, in the back room of Jamie's Italian, Bath.


Even though we picked our vacation location of Bath somewhat randomly and on the spur of the moment, as it happens, I do know someone who lives there -- the incredibly talented Susannah Conway, a photographer, writer and blogger who has a proclivity for taking the most amazing film images.  I had actually met Susannah in person several years ago on a day trip to this town, and so there was no way I was coming to Bath again without taking the time to visit her.

I emailed her and let her know that I would be in town.  "Fantastic," she said immediately, "we'll lunch at Jamie's."

"Jamie" refers to Jamie Oliver, that very famous English chef who is the champion of healthy food everywhere.  He has several restaurants around England, including one right there in Bath, featuring artisanal ingredients in an incredibly rustic atmosphere.  "You are on," I responded, and settled into excited anticipation, waiting for the day to arrive.

And oh my, how it was worth the wait.


I don't even remember the name of what we had (although mine is the dish on the right), but my word, it was good.


Susannah's lovely chocolate torte, and my cheese plate.  There is possibly no English ritual I love more than the cheese-plate-as-dessert.


Finishing up with the perfect cappuccino.


After lunch (and really, it was the perfect lunch; if you're ever in England, run, do not walk, to your nearest Jamie's Italian), we stepped outside, and I took Susannah's portrait:



Thanks so much, friend.  It was great seeing you.


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Enjoy, and happy Love Thursday, friends.


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