10 things you can do to honour world peace day

I just learned it's World Peace Day!  Here are 10 things you can do today to celebrate:

1.  Buy a single grocery store flower for someone unexpectedly.  Trust me, they're not going to care that you got it from the grocer's.  They'll be completely charmed.

2.  Fly a kite late this afternoon, approaching sunset.  Nothing says "peace" like flying a kite.  And you'll make your neighbours happy when they see it.

3.  Send an email to someone who you haven't spoken to in a while.  It doesn't need to say anything more than, "Hi -- you've been on my mind.  Hope you're doing well."

4.  Buy the coffee (or pint) for the guy behind you in line (or next to you at the bar).  Smile at them, and then go on your way.

5.  Pay someone a compliment.  Mean it.

6.  Join the Hopeful Revolution.  Write a note of kindness, and leave it somewhere unexpected.

7.  Leave an encouraging comment on a blog you love, but have never commented on before.

8.  Find a book you've recently read that you've enjoyed and found inspiring.  Stick it in the mail to someone who you know will feel the same. 

9.  Send a postcard.  If I might be so bold, here are a few.

10.  Watch this 20 minute video by Jeremy Gilley, the founder of World Peace Day.  Be astounded by what one man can do.



And spread the word, friends. Have a great day.


SongPeace, love and happiness by G. Love & Special Sauce


Karen Walrond9 Comments