7/52 of my self-portrait challenge

Yesterday, my friend Liz said the following on Twitter:

"You know, it feels kinda nice when a homeless meth addict tells you your beautiful."

I couldn't help but smile.  Of course, it feels nice -- it doesn't matter who tells you you're beautiful, you know?

So I replied, saying as much.  Then Robin, who'd witnessed the exchanged, tweeted the following:

"Reminds me of when a precious 91-year-old told me I was the prettiest thing he'd seen. Found out later he was legally blind."

I laughed.  But then I responded to both of them:

"There's your proof that beauty is more than just something you see. It's something you feel."

Don't you agree?

* * * * * * *

In other news, I've had a lovely week this week, one that began with a complete stranger paying me a compliment out of the blue -- a kindness for which I'm very grateful.  And as always, you can see what else I'm grateful for this week on my gratitude blog over at Babble.


With that, have a great weekend, you beautiful people, you.


(P.S.  I read this, and decided that I need to get this book.  Tell me this isn't the sweetest thing you've seen all day.)


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