#40daysoflight: houston, we have movie night

If there is anyone who is a bigger NASA geek than me, it has to be our friend Al.  His last trip with his wife to America was to Florida specifically to visit Cape Canaveral, so we knew that when he came to visit us in Houston, the Johnson Space Center, home of Mission Control, was a given.  Marcus even booked him in for a VIP tour.  

To say it was a hit was a bit of an understatement.  For five hours, Al visited Mission Control, spoke to Ground Control officials with the International Space Station, saw the Neutral Buoyancy Lab and learned just about everything a civilian can learn about the space program.  When he finally met up with Marcus and Justine afterwards, he was over the moon. (No pun intended.)

Last night was their last night in Houston, before heading back to England today.  So it seemed fitting after margaritas and Mexican food, we inflate our huge screen in our back yard (shown above) and watch Apollo 13.

It's been an amazing visit.


Soundtrack:  Spirit in the sky by Norman Greenbaum