6th grade

Alex started 6th grade today.  Even though at her school, 6th grade is the last year of elementary school (as opposed to the first year of junior high), this still seems pretty milestone-y.  Maybe it's because this year will be the last school year before she becomes a teenager.  Maybe it's because this year marks the halfway point of her school career, before university. 

Or maybe I'm just overthinking this, because maybe I'm just stunned by how fast she's growing up.

Anyway, she had a great first day.  And now she's practicing her guitar, while Marcus makes her favourite dinner to celebrate being back at school (lasagna), and I'm just trying to stay present, and not think about how fast time is speeding by.

Even though now she's taller than my mom, we almost wear the same shoe size, and she borrows my old t-shirts when she comes home from school ... because they fit.


Soundtrack:  Keep on movin' by Soul II Soul