beginning: fall edition

This morning, it dawned on me that this week marks one year that I've been kicking my own ass at the gym every week.  The journey has been a weird one:  from at first, tracking everything on an app on my iPad, and recording it obsessively (because, by God, I was going to win at getting healthy); to wildly celebrating every pound lost or deeply lamenting any pound gained, both to inappropriate levels; to finally reaching a place of moderation:  I don't weigh myself, and I don't track calories, but I eat 3 healthy meals a day and I work out, on average, 4 days a week.  I don't know exactly how much weight I've lost over the last year (although I know I have), but I don't really care:  I feel stronger than I have in years, and exercise, while not exactly fun, is now definitely a habit.  Which, it turns out, is all I really wanted in the first place.

It truly is all about the ritual.  And so, on to year two.

I share this with you, because about 10 months ago, I shared that I wanted my site to focus on the concept of thriving -- that I wanted to figure out what that means, especially for someone who isn't  in her 20s anymore.  Part of doing so came in the form of my Thrive Portrait Project (which continues, as I look for more women who I know who thrive), but learning what it means to thrive has also meant taking steps in my own life as well:  and although I didn't mention it in that original post, getting my butt to the gym was the first step.

This year, in addition to continuing my health practice, I'm hoping to focus on making my business thrive (I've talked a little bit about this before), as well as focusing on my family in a more mindful way.  In so doing, I'll be thinking about what rituals I can put into place to make these things happen.  And since, in my world, autumn is actually a beginning for me (vestiges of being a student for so long, I suppose), this seems as good a time to start as any.

Join me?  What rituals would you like to begin?  

And happy back-to-school, everyone.


Song:  Be with you by Giraffage