a different kind of fireworks

I wasn't much in the mood to celebrate this July 4th ... so we didn't.  (Even Soca wasn't having it:  Marcus took her outside for her evening walk just as the fireworks around our area were going off.  Even though Soca hasn't ever batted an eye at some of the very noisy thunderstorms Houston is known for, one boom from the fireworks and girlfriend muttered "oh, HELL no" under her breath and dragged Marcus right back inside.  She was not amused.)

But on Sunday, my parents invited us and our friends Trish & Carl and their kids to come over for a barbecue, and the kids spent 7 full hours in their backyard pool, stopping only to eat, and impatiently pose for the photo above.  And it was very, very good.

Holidays are totally for family -- blood and chosen.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


Soundtrack:  Fireworks by Moby