a few things

Hi, hi!  I know it's been a while ... I'm usually better about checking in at the beginning of the week!  And honestly, I can't stick around long today.  But I wanted to share the following bits of good news:

1)  I'm headed to the Mom 2.0 Summit in Dana Point, California tomorrow.  I was planning on using the time to work primarily on my book (and in truth, my calendar is full of shoots and interviews that I can't wait to do), but I'm also going to be speaking on Friday morning, along with the amazing Asha Dornfest, Christine Koh, and Jessica Ashley, on a topic called "Get Quiet, Get Honest, and Get Going: Your Unique Action Plan for Sustainable Success."  These three women are wicked smart, and while it's an honour to speak alongside them, it's going to be even more awesome to hear the wisdom they're going to share.  Pardon me if you see me taking notes while I'm up there!

2)  So, remember that Daring Way™ workshop I attended last year?  I'm happy to announce that as of today, I've completed my certification, and am officially a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator.  This basically means that I'm certified to host and hold workshops on my own on Brené's work. Which, of course, opens up all kinds of possibilities.  It also means, of course, that when I do one-on-one coaching, you can also be guaranteed that it will all be conducted in fidelity to Brené's work.  Which is also awesome.  I'm really thrilled.

Anyway, more soon.  As I said, I'm off to California for the rest of the week, which means that postings around here might be few and far between.  But stay close to my Instagram and/or Facebook page -- I anticipating seeing and shooting a lot of light while I'm away, and I'll share what I see there.  (And if you're going to be at Mom 2.0 Summit or the Iris Awards, please say hi!  I'll be the one hobbling around in shoes I can't walk in.)

Have a great week, friends.


Soundtrack:  Dare by Gorillaz