an ode to running ... sort of

One of my biggest faults: when things get tough, my inclination is to cut and run.  Friendships, jobs, attempts to create good habits -- it doesn't matter what it is, when it becomes difficult, my first instinct is to leave. Often, I do this without confrontation or conflict ... I just turn and go. 

I know.  It's not something I'm entirely proud of.

That said, I'll never be one of those people who thinks you should stick something out at all costs. There are some relationships or jobs that are just abusive, and sometimes the best thing you can for yourself is to leave.  And as for good habits:  recently, I decided to train for a 5K using an 8-week couch-to-5K app.  By week six, it was clear that my knees weren't up to the task -- in fact, it was becoming almost impossible to walk up and down stairs. I finally asked myself, "Why am I doing this?  I've been working out daily for a year and a half without running, and I'm in great shape -- why am I punishing myself?"  So I've given myself permission to stop.  Life's too short, man.

So, I maintain that sometimes cutting and running is a good thing:  however, I've made a commitment to myself in recent years:  I'm no longer allowed to run away from something unless I'm specifically running to something else.  By promising myself this, it helps ensure that even though I'm running, I'm moving forward, which, ultimately, I think is the most important thing.  (So while I've determined I'm not a runner, I've always been a hiker; maybe I should start seriously training for something like this, instead?)  Now, before I cut and run, I make sure that doing so is worth it -- I assess what I'm losing by leaving something, and make sure that what I will gain by running toward something (independence, an advance in career, stronger knees) more than makes up for the loss.  If it doesn't, then I need to stay and fight.  If it does, then it's time to run ever upward.

It's not a perfect system, but it works for me.  

Here's to running toward a good life.


Song:  Let's runaway by Dido