and the world spins madly on

Last evening, I was in a foul mood.  I've been a foul mood a lot lately -- I've been feeling a low-grade anger that is fueled primarily by current events, social media, and ... well, a little of everything.  So when Marcus came home, I immediately said:  "I'm in a foul mood. I'm going for a walk.  Want to come?"

(Surprisingly, he said yes.)

I grabbed my camera and we took a walk.  We talked, I took a photograph of him, and I felt a bit better. 

And at one point in our walk, though, I took the photo above.  When I looked at the back of my camera, I realized that something about that picture that felt like I've been feeling:  like the world is just moving at breakneck speed, rushing past me while I stand there, going "Wait -- don't you see what's happening?"  It's sort of a helpless feeling.

Helpless, that is, until I realized that just by standing there I wasn't actually doing anything.

And that realization made me feel a little bit better, too.

Here's to reminders that we don't have to change the entire world ... we're only responsible for doing something to make our individual worlds better.  Even if it means going against the flow.  

(And with a little luck, eventually it'll all add up.)

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.”

~ Mary Anne Radmacher