the #makelight project: super bowl li

A few weeks ago a friend of mine, Catherine, emailed me to tell me she was planning on being in town.  I hadn't seen Catherine in a several years, so we quickly made arrangements to go out last Friday night.

Friday morning, I emailed her to confirm our plans.  She wrote back:  "Yes!  We're on for tonight.  By the way -- I got these tickets to the Super Bowl, and they gave me one to bring someone.  I'm not a big football person, but I figure this is a life list thing, right?  Do you want to go?"

I stared at the email for a moment, wondering if I was actually in the throes of a small aneurysm, rendering me incapable of reading it right.  And then, when I realized that I needed to answer, I responded in the only appropriate way:

"Holy shit."

Eventually I composed myself, and sent a follow-up email that accepted her incredible offer with a little more dignity.  And so yesterday, we met at her hotel, and headed over to NRG stadium for the 51st Super Bowl.


The experience, of course, was incredible -- but what made it extra fun was being there with a such a good friend.  And there was this: the Super Bowl is one of those things that I thought would be awesome to attend, but would never actually have the opportunity to -- and therefore, it wasn't necessarily high on my priorities to make happen (It never even made it onto my life list, after all).  But this year feels like the kind of year that when opportunity falls in my lap, I need to seize it.  In fact, it may even be the kind of year to revisit my life list, freshen it up a bit, and see what I can make happen.  

It's the kind of year to remind myself that no matter what is going on the world, there are certain things within my control that I can make happen -- things that bring me joy, or connection or comfort.

And so, our #makelight inspiration this week:  make a life list (here's how).   Or if you already have, revisit it and freshen it up a bit.  And then think about how you can make something happen this year.

With that, have a great week everyone.  (And Catherine, THANK YOU SO MUCH. What an amazing experience to have with a sweet friend.)