this was a good week

This was a good week!  Here's why:

•  Did you know yesterday was Candlemas?  I'd never heard of it.  It's a festival of light, and any holiday that calls for the lighting of all the candles in the house is one I can get behind.

•  This photograph of a Jewish father and a Muslim father, united for a common cause.  Those Chicago Trib photogs, man.  What a great story.

•  Missy Elliott came out with a new song called "I'm Better," and it's so good, this man got out of his hospital bed to dance to it.

•  My sweet friend, National Geographic photographer Lola, shares why, now more than ever, it's time to dust off your passport -- no matter where in the world you call home -- and travel.

•  And speaking of Lola, she lives in Sweden, where apparently, it's traditional to build snow lanterns.  For those of you in snowier climates, how about you make a few this week and share them at #makelight?

•   And speaking of light, remember you are a light because you shine.  Never forget this.

•  And finally, the soundtrack:  I give you power, by Arcade Fire featuring Mavis Staples.  Awww yeah.


Have a great weekend, friends.