announcing #shutterhappy!

I'm thrilled to announce my brand-new 21-day photo meditation -- a fun, inexpensive way to develop a daily gratitude practice, and pick up a few photography pointers on the way.  From the course site:

In #shutterhappy, you'll:

  • receive photo tips on how to make your photography better, no matter what kind of camera you're using -- from iPhone to point-and-shoot to dSLR to Polaroid;  
  • receive 21 days of photo prompts, encouraging you to stop and take a moment to appreciate good in your life (and capture them on camera!); and  
  • receive 21 daily inspirational quotes that will make you think about the images of happy that you're shooting in a new way.  

Only $21 for the entire meditation.  Join me -- it's a wonderful way to carve out some time for yourself this some -- and gather some beauty and joy along the way.