camp counselor got jokes

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I was worried when I picked Alex up from camp this weekend, because in every camp photo of her that was published on the private website during the past week that she's been gone, she didn't look very happy. And then, when I finally laid eyes on her, she was in tears.

"Are you okay?!"

"Yes, I'm just going to miss everyone so much!" she sniffed as she hugged her campmates goodbye. And then, when she got in the car, she couldn't stop talking.

"We had a midnight cookie raid in the canteen! And the dance was so fun. And our cabin was so close -- we all loved each other. And every night we had to say one good thing and one bad thing that happened every day, and NO ONE ever had a bad thing, not even once! I love my camp so much. And next year, I'm old enough to be a counsellor. Can I apply to be a counsellor? I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK!"

I was so relieved. And then:

"You know what was funny? Every time the photographer came by, our counsellor said to just do awkward soft smiles. So we'd look at the camera and give weak smiles like we were all slightly ill. It was so awesome."