eventide: winding down

My favourite time of day is always during the golden hour:  that time when the sun hasn't quite gotten to sunset yet, but the light has gone all golden.  And if I'm not outside, my favourite place in the world to be during that time is in my living/dining room -- the light gets all cozy and warm, and it makes me very, very happy.

This past Sunday, I walked through my living/dining area, simply straightening up, and I noticed the light.  I know that Sunday evenings tend to bother a lot of people -- I assume because it hints at an impending Monday morning -- but I've always found them lovely and slow, and the light was so inviting, that I decided to grab a book (in this case, Gabrielle Blair's beautiful new book, Design Mom) and a glass of wine, and just sit in its glow for a while.

It was lovely.  I may have to start a new Sunday evening tradition.  And con Marcus and Alex to join me.