indisputable sign of texas spring #2

Marcus is currently training for the MS150 (it's his 8th time), and yesterday, after coming in from one of his practice rides, he announced, "Well, spring is definitely here.  The bluebonnets are out."

I'd been out running the day before and hadn't seen any -- and I was looking for them.  "Really?"

"Really," he said.  "Every family in our neighbourhood is out, taking their kids' first official Bluebonnet Portraits."  (It's true. Come springtime, parents in Texas love nothing more than plopping their children down among the bee-ridden blossoms for photographs.  It's practically tradition.  I might even have one of Alex around here somewhere.)

"Huh."  The sun was just starting to go golden, marking the end of the day.  "Show me."

So off we went.*  And sure enough, they were out.  

My kinda Sunday evening.


* Alex declined to join us.  "There are bees," she said grimacing.  She was right, too.  Because Texan children who have been placed in the bluebonnets before?  Know.


UPDATE:  Apparently bees aren't the only thing to worry about:  "In addition to parking away from busy roads, you should also watch out for rattlesnakes and fire ants who call those meadows home."  Yipes.