fall begins (aka happy new year)

My summer lethargy might officially be over.

Even though the weather says otherwise (99°F high yesterday, baby!), I say autumn has begun. Alex has returned to school, which means that, in addition to doing the Schoolyear Shuffle every morning once again, I now have my days to myself.  I miss having her around, for sure; that said, my days feel renewed.  Besides, there's something about back-to-school, man:  September will always feel like the beginning of the year for me.  Old habits die hard, I guess.  (Just me?)

It's a good thing I'm feeling revived, because the fall is going to be busy.  I've got a several speaking engagements scheduled, including Lime Retreats LimeLight Sessions in October, of course (and there's still one spot left, if you'd like to join us!), but I'll also be speaking at an event for women lawyers here in Houston in September (and incidentally, if you're a woman attorney, consider coming along -- there's CLE involved, and everything!).  And there are even more events on the horizon.  Things are picking up.

So I'm back at it:  I'm journaling again (and have become quite enamoured with the idea of hand-lettering -- the beginning of a new obsession, perhaps?).  Plans for LimeLight Sessions are coming together beautifully.  I'm pulling together outlines for upcoming talks.  I'm getting excited.

This might be my favourite season.


Song:  Closer to fine by Indigo Girls