favourite images from around our house these past few evenings

About 20 years ago, I knew an avid golfer.  Every Saturday morning, like clockwork, he would wake up bright and early, and head out to a golf course to play a few rounds.  And every Saturday afternoon, like clockwork, he would be in a foul mood, enraged at his performance.  "Okay, seriously, I do not get it," I said one day.  "Why do you play every week?  I mean, the game clearly pisses you off.  Do you enjoy being angry? This doesn't seem like a lot of fun for you."

(I'm confused and then somewhat enlightened about golf over at Bliss Your Heart.  Click here to read more.)

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Last Friday was Alex's last day of second grade;  yesterday, we had her final student-teacher conference.  And with that, she's officially a third grader.

Also with that, it's officially summer around our house.  And here's how it looks so far.

(I"m also loving how summer is looking with your #instacamp photos, friends!  Keep them coming.  I'll feature my favourites so far here on Chookooloonks tomorrow, and then the first official prompt will go live on Monday.

SongBlackbird, as performed by Dionne Farris