There's just something about waking up the palate with delicious breads, sweet fresh juices, perfectly cooked eggs and expertly brewed coffee, isn't there?  (An aside:  this type of meal tastes even better at night, I think.)  And then just adding a side of bacon ... mmm, bacon ...

(Over at Bliss Your Heart, I'm waxing poetic about the brilliance of the breakfast buffet.  Click here to read more.)

* * * * * * * *

I mentioned recently that I've been thinking of summer a lot ... and this, coupled with our recent getaway and my necessary reliance on my iPhone while I was away, has got me thinking.

It occurs to me that even with the busy schedules that we're all likely to have over the summer (even though we might dream of a more leisurely time), the summer is still so chock-full of awesome, we should make time to record the moments -- however brief -- that we're lucky enough to experience.   And it seems to me that while we may not always have bona fide cameras with us everywhere we go, we do tend to have our cameraphones ... and  there ought to be a way to celebrate the warm weather, fresh summer produce, brighter evenings, the picnics, the water sports ...

... all that stuff.  But together.

Enter InstaCamp.

For the month of June, let's create a virtual community of cameraphone shutterbugs:  people of all skill levels using their cameraphones to capture all the beauty that summer brings to everyday life.  If you'll join me, let's take our favourite summer-inspired shots and tag them with "#InstaCamp" on our Twitter, Flickr, InstaGram and other public social media accounts; then, starting next Monday,  I'll post inspiration and photo prompts and a theme right here on Chookooloonks.  For those who shoot to the theme, I'll feature my favourites here on this site on the Friday of that week, linking back to your blogs or other public accounts.

Fun, right?

If this sounds like the sort of mindfulness practice you'd like to get into for Summer, let's start sharing our summer-inspired images with the tag #instacamp today.  Proper prompts and inspiration for InstaCamp will begin Monday, June 4.

I can't wait to see your work.  And if you're new to using a camera phone, don't let that stop you -- I feel very much a novice when it comes to using mine.  We'll learn together.

(The image above is one of my recent iPhone images.  Unsurprisingly, I'm Chookooloonks on Twitter and Chookooloonks on Instagram.  You can follow my iphoneography efforts in either location, or, of course, on the Chookooloonks Facebook Page.)

SongSummertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince

* * * * * * * * *

Instacamp is underway!

Prompt for week beginning June 4thsunshine!  And here's what resulted.

Prompt for week beginning June 11th: the great outdoors! And here's what resulted.

Prompt for week beginning June 18th:  water!  And here's what resulted.

Prompt for week beginning June 25th: lazy, hazy days of summer!