growth (and listening)

Every now and then, someone will ask me if I'm ever going to stop blogging at Chookooloonks.  The truth is that I get so much joy out of creating here online, and I can't imagine that I would.  I mean, obviously, over time my work and the medium may change, and perhaps what I'll be doing 10 years from now won't resemble what I do today (after all, what I do today is a far cry from how I started out 10 years ago), but still:  the thought of not sharing stories and photographs isn't even something I can remotely contemplate with any seriousness.  Storytelling is what I'm compelled to do, no matter what.

And still, yesterday, as I was poking around my site, I realized that while I've gone through several changes over the last 12 months, I hadn't actually asked you for your feedback in over 3 years.  And since you're such an integral part of what happens here on Chookooloonks -- your kindness and generosity and unfailing support is a huge part of why I'm so energized about doing the work that I do -- I thought I would take a moment to listen to what you have to say:  what's working for you, and what isn't; what you'd like to see more or less of.  And let me know if there's anything I haven't thought of, as well.

So if you'd indulge me, please click over to this link and let me know your thoughts?  It's an incredibly short survey -- shouldn't take you more than 3 minutes to complete, tops -- and I promise to share the results with you next week Thursday (because there's nothing more that I like than seeing what other people said when I acquiesce and do a survey myself).  

Thanks, friends.  I really, really appreciate it.


Click here to access the survey.




Song:  Little talks, as performed by Julia Sheer & Jon D.