this was a good week

Here's what made this week great:

•  Independence Day, baby!  No huge plans for the long weekend -- Marcus is still recovering from his leg surgery -- but we'll be over at the home of our friends Trish & Carl, with all our kids playing together, talking and laughing in their family room while Marcus keeps his leg elevated.  It's always a great time with our dear friends, so I'm very excited.

•  I also officially declare today the International Day of Play.  And to kick things off in the right way, take a look at these stunning photographs of kids playing around the world that my sister sent me.  Thanks, sis.

•  There aren't enough thunderclouds in my home -- this would be a really beautiful way to rectify the situation.  Two or 3 in a corner oughta do it, don't you think?

•  This deer has her own bedroom.  What?

•  Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, as performed on beer bottles.  So if you guys are sitting around in the back yard this weekend, beer bottles lying around nearby, and you think you have nothing to do, don't say I didn't provide a little inspiration.

•  And finally, to properly send you off into the weekend, Isaac Hou dancing in a Cyr wheel in Taiwan.  I sort of want to learn to do this.  I sort of am not kidding.

Click here or the image below to enjoy.

On that mesmerizing note, have a lovely weekend everyone.  Don't forget:  if you haven't already told me your thoughts about Chookooloonks, I'd really appreciate if you did.  And of course, if you're celebrating (or goodness, if you're in the path of Hurricane Arthur!), please stay safe.