he named me malala

A scene from    He Named Me Malala  , photographed with my iPhone at the theatre.

A scene from He Named Me Malala, photographed with my iPhone at the theatre.

We've just returned from seeing the movie He Named Me Malala, which opened nationwide in the United States this weekend.  It is an incredible movie, and my thoughts are swirling; however, two bubble to the surface:

1)  How incredibly lucky we are that I grumble every morning the alarm goes off, signalling the time when I have to roll out of bed and stumble down the hall to wake Alex to get ready for school.  How privileged I am that I am annoyed at the alarm that starts our day so early, so that Alex can get her education.

2) How grateful I am for boys and men like Malala's father, who don't even think twice -- not even a moment's hesitation -- when it comes to supporting their daughters, sisters, wives, mothers and all the women in their lives who want to further their educations.  How they gleefully cheer, without hesitation, the women in their lives who are striving for their high school diplomas, their GEDs, their bachelor's, master's and even PhD's.  How much I appreciate men who don't stop to consider whether or not they call themselves feminists, not because they don't believe in equal rights for women, but because it wouldn't even dawn on them to consider women anything other than their equals, fully deserving of respect and even admiration for their intellects and value.

Amazing movie.  See it.  Just go see it.