houston pride 2017

The ACLU of Texas is an organization I find myself increasingly becoming involved with (seeing as they depend, in large part, on the volunteer services of attorneys).  Alex's best friend's mom is the Deputy Director of the ACLU of Texas, and this weekend their family invited our family to march with the ACLU in the Houston Pride Parade.  Naturally, we were thrilled to do so.

The last time I attended the Houston Pride Parade was about 20 years ago.  Then, it was probably only about 50,000 people strong, and it was held in a different part of town -- so I wasn't prepared for the insane crowd of almost 700,000 who attended last night, sharing nothing but love and joy (especially for the ACLU -- it was a rush to be a part of their procession!).  Such a great night.  When we got home, Alex gushed, "I hope we do this every year."  

I get it, man:  love and joy is an intoxicating thing.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the evening.  (For best viewing -- you know, to get a real sense of what it felt like -- scroll to the bottom and click on today's soundtrack.  Then come back up here and look through them all.)

Happy Pride, y'all.

Soundtrack:  Freedom! 90 by George Michael.  Natch.