how we think about aging (or, are we complicit in ageism?)


Man, I'm looking old.

It was an immediate, involuntary thought as I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror one very recent evening.  I startled myself when I thought it:  I never look at myself and think that.  And then I thought is this what the flood has done to me?

To be honest, I wouldn't be surprise if the events of the last couple of months have left their mark on my face.  But as I thought about it more ... would that actually be a bad thing?  For better or worse, I've just endured a life-changing event, one that will leave a distinctive mark on the tapestry that is my life -- shouldn't my face reflect that?  Shouldn't I be proud of that?

I was thinking of all of these things when I came across this amazing TED talk by Ashton Applewhite on ageism -- she states that it's so pervasive, we all participate, and it "pits us against our future selves."  Click here or on the image below to a moment and listen (it's only 11-1/2 minutes long).  It'll make you stand up and cheer -- and it even may change the way you look at getting older for the rest of your life.