Yesterday I had lunch with my dear friend, Katherine Center.  Katherine is an incredibly prolific author (you can see all of her books here), and spending time with her is exactly like you'd imagine spending time with a writer would be:  she always has these wonderfully entertaining stories, and her language is descriptive and vivid.  She invariably says something that makes me think for days afterwards.  In other words, it's always such a joy to spend time with her.

Katherine is one of those friends who I only see a couple of times a year, but whenever we make plans to see each other, we always set aside several hours so that we can catch up properly.  Sometimes on these occasions, I talk Katherine into letting me take photos of her to use as author photos, if she likes any well enough.

Yesterday was one of those days -- we had a 2-hour lunch, but before that, I spent an hour taking photographs of Katherine.  Although portraiture is my favourite type of photography, it had been a long time since I'd had someone sit in front of my camera, so it was a true joy that it was Kath's beautiful, expressive face I got to photograph.


"You can't have everything all at once.  That's what memories are for."

~  Katherine Center


Song:  Shake it by Michael Franti