random thoughts: looking up

 View from my desk while I was working tonight.

View from my desk while I was working tonight.

Things are looking up.

While I still have a cough, I'm no longer doing it all night long, keeping my family awake, and quite likely scaring the neighbours as well.

The plumbers have come and gone, and now, ostensibly, we don't have a leak under our house anymore.

I'm starting a new journaling prompt gratitude practice on Bliss Your Heart (first prompt goes up midnight tonight!), and I'm very excited about it.  (I hope you'll join me?)

And right now, I'm about to log off my laptop, and do some old-skool journaling -- something I haven't been motivated to do for weeks.

Yup, things are definitely looking up.

(Wishing you a great week, friends.)

SongSay hey (I love you) by Michael Franti.  As I was typing this post, I called out to Marcus and Alex, "What song should I use for my song of the day today?"  Alex came running in and suggested this one.  And then when it started playing, she ran out and pulled Marcus in, and made the three of us have a spontaneous dance party here in my office.

"I can't stop smiling!" she said, when it was over.

Which, you know, is the perfect way to start the week.  I strongly recommend you try it yourself.