house renovation, day 39: it's starting to resemble a kitchen!


I'm going to admit something:  I've been hesitant to share any further updates on this kitchen/family room debacle, not because there hasn't be any progress -- because there has -- but because there hasn't been a lot of visible progress.  However, things are moving along:

•  The plumbing under our house has been fixed!  Darlings, you should have seen it:  they dug so much dirt out from under our house, the place looked like a mass grave. But miraculously, they fixed the leak, and put the dirt back, so that our garden looks more like it had a rough day of exuberant children slip-and-sliding over the grass (which means it will come back) than the crime scene of earlier in the week.  I'm just happy that's over.

The cabinets are being hung as I type. To be clear, there's still a ton more work to be done -- we have an exposed slab, none of the lighting is in, appliances need to be fitted, a sink needs to be installed, etc. etc. -- but the cabinets are being hung as I type. This makes me happy, happy, happy.

•  We officially have a fireplace mantel!


Again, happy, happy!

So yes, progress (and we're still waiting for the insurance adjusters. sigh).  Slowly, ever slowly, but I'm grateful.

(And speaking of grateful about homes, please check out my day 1 gratitude prompt for 10 Days of Thanksgiving over at Bliss Your Heart -- I'd love if you'd join me.)

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