she's just as fast as lightning


I'm phoning it in tonight, folks -- today was a crazy day, and time got away from me.  Right now, I'm waiting for Alex and Marcus to return home from her karate belt test:  as I type this, she should be about to receive her promotion to third degree brown belt.  This is sort of a big deal.

I told her that I couldn't come to her belt test tonight because I had to work -- but I was lying.  I instead went to our favourite gluten-free bakery to grab a red velvet cupcake, and then picked up some flowers and the balloon above. 

It's sort of a big deal.

* * * * * * * * * *

Marcus and Alex returned while I was typing this.  Here's a shot Marcus took of her tonight, breaking a block of wood with her palm during her test:


Yeah, I'm proud of her.

(But remind me not to mess with her.)

SongKung fu fighting, as performed by Cee Lo Green