so, about this thanksgiving ...


So here's the thing:

Marcus and I never grew up with Thanksgiving, given that he's English, and pilgrims never landed in Trinidad.  As a result, Thanksgiving doesn't have the meaning for us that I think it does for most of our American friends. 

But because we have an American daughter, we've always tried to celebrate -- so we always have the huge meal, and friends over (my parents join us if they don't have plans with their friends) -- but I feel like maybe we're missing something.  I mean, is Thanksgiving only about the meal (and football, if you're into that sort of thing)?  Or is there some other ritual that we should be doing? 

I had a friend tell me once that she and her family take small pieces of paper and write down what they're grateful for during the previous year, and then they use those slips of paper to make a garland for their Christmas tree -- this sounds sort of cool, do you guys do that?  How about my Canadian friends -- anything you do for your Thanksgiving? Those of you from other countries -- does your country celebrate Thanksgiving?  Do you do anything particularly special?

Help a sister out --  I'd like to create a Thanksgiving that means tons for Alex, and I'd love some tradition inspiration.

SongThank you by Alanis Morissette