#naphopomo day 13: this was a good week

This was an awesome week!  Here's why:

•  Today's Friday the 13th (my lucky day!), I got a ton of work done this week, and I had fun playing in my entryway with my camera, trying to capture the perfect sunburst.  (Playing with my camera is a surefire way to make any day a pretty good one.)

•  This week was the Hindu celebration of Divali, the triumph of light over darkness.  And this 25-second video shows how beautiful the celebration can be.

•  Speaking of videos, the Thames Valley Police in the United Kingdom have a one explaining sexual consent.  Turns out, it's exactly like tea. 

•  After sharing that poppy image yesterday, I've been feeling a little "homesick" for Paris.  Luckily, this Paris through a Pentax camera video is taking me there.

•  World leaders wearing a man bun.  It's horrible, and yet strangely mesmerizing.

•  Sierra Leone is ebola free!  They celebrated by doing the azonto, which is waaaaay better than whipping and nae-naeing.  Yeah, I said it.

•  This 56-year-old was interviewed by his 18-year-old self -- really.  SO cool.

•  And finally, for today's soundtrack:  it turns out that 20 years later, it's still ironic -- just in a 21st century way.  Click here or the image below to watch.

Have a great weekend, friends. 

(Also, speaking of weekend, don't forget:  my new ecourse Advent of Light is now open for registration, and the price goes up after this weekend.  It's sort of a nonreligious, audio/visual "advent calendar" -- daily audio prompts and image downloads, and a date with your journal for 24 straight days in December.  It's a commitment to being kind to yourself during the hectic year-end.  Join me.)