#naphopomo day 12: poppies

Back in 2012, Marcus and I celebrated our tenth anniversary, and we decided to do so with a family trip to Paris.  I remember when I told Alex that we'd be going to Paris in the summer, she clapped her hands excitedly.

"We can go visit Claude Monet's gardens!"

I remember being surprised that she even know who Claude Monet was, to say nothing of the fact that she also knew he had a garden we could visit in Paris.  But she was right, and one day we took a train out to Giverney to see his stunning home and gardens.  It remains one of my favourite days from that trip. 

And the image above remains one of my favourite images from that day.  And since poppies are the flower of remembrance, it seems particularly fitting to share it with you today.

With respect to all the men and women who have served their countries.

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Song:  Better way by Ben Harper