#naphopomo day 16: wine and birdsong

This weekend was incredibly busy, including doing my final talk of the year, for the We Are Girls Conference.  For the rest of 2015, there shouldn't be any more travel; instead, I'll be focusing on personal projects like beginning my new book, and getting my coaching practice up and running.

So last night, to celebrate, I took a glass of wine out to the curb at the front of my house, and sat and stared at the trees for a few minutes.

Time to start nesting for year-end.

Happy Monday, friends.

Soundrack:  Babylon by David Gray.  Perfect nesting music.


Speaking of nesting, if you're looking to do a little nesting for yourself year-end, my new ecourse Advent of Light, is still on sale, and will be through November 27th -- only 12 more days. If devoting a few minutes of peace to yourself every day during the first 24 days of December seems like a lovely thought, then this is for you:  it's sort of an audio/visual "advent calendar" with audio meditations, downloadable images, and a daily date with your journal.  Join me.