#naphopomo day 7: the mint killer

Last year, when I was all excited about starting my garden, one of the plants I bought was mint.  "Oooh, man, be careful," people told me over and over again.  "And for God's sake, don't plant it in the ground, plant it in a pot.  Mint is a punk.  It will take over everything, and even if you try to get rid of it, it always comes back.  It is unkillable."

I took everyone's advice, and put my mint in a pot.  And I saw what people were talking about -- that mint spread like wildfire.  I'd take cuttings and start them in other pots.  I had more mint than we could consume.  It was mintapalooza up in here.

And then?

I killed it.

I'm not sure how I managed it, but all my mint is GONE.  I kept hoping it would return, but it didn't.  So a couple of weeks ago, at that plant sale I told you about, I bought a couple more pots of mint.

Round 2.


Soundtrack:  Green garden by Laura Mvula