playing hooky


Alex is finally home

When I say "finally," please know that this isn't hyperbole, or born of the rantings of a doting mother who can't bear spending one minute away from her baby girl.  No, my friends, I say "finally" because after a journey that included a broken-down bus in a small town in Colorado, spending an unscheduled extra night in a hotel, the requisition of another bus from a small town in Texas that had to be driven by a bus driver who had to fly to said small town in Texas to pick up and drive said bus 8 hours to said small town in Colorado, then the loading of said bus with the 23 now-stinky kids (because by this point they had run out of clothes and, apparently, the will to practice personal hygiene), and then driving all night and all day for 24 straight hours, stopping only for potty breaks, a fresh driver and individual pizzas to eat on said bus, "finally" is really the only appropriate word to use.

(Not to say, incidentally, that I wasn't a ranting, doting mother while all this was going on.   Because saying that would be blatantly inaccurate.  Alex, however, was fine.)

Marcus and I added a little decoration to her room to welcome her back (because she always decorates the house in similar fashion whenever one of us travels), and it was perfect:  she totally didn't expect it, and it lit her tired little eyes up.  Right now as I type this, she's in a warm bath, having some warm milk, and it's straight to bed with her.  Then, since I leave for my own adventure in just a few days, tomorrow, we're playing hooky:  I'm keeping her home from school, and we're going to chill, just the two of us. 

All this to say that I won't be updating Chookooloonks on Wednesday, in favour of a little family bonding time.  But I'll be back to regular posting Thursday.  Thanks for understanding, friends. 

It's good to have her back.