some good things

 Apropos of nothing: nothing makes me miss Trinidad more than my neighbour's hibiscus in bloom.

Apropos of nothing: nothing makes me miss Trinidad more than my neighbour's hibiscus in bloom.

Happy Friday, friends!  Here's some good stuff around the web to celebrate the end of the week:

•  I already mentioned my friend Alice's new ecourse on The Practice of Writing -- and, no kidding, if you're interested in taking your writing more seriously, I implore you to check it out quickly, because the course is filling up fast.  And, by the way, if you're not familiar with Alice's writing, then you should also read two of my favourites so you can really see why I'm so thrilled she's doing this:  first, her serious piece on dealing with a miscarriage (which earned her a nomination for the 2010 Pushcart Prize) and secondly, her really, really funny, admittedly rather graphic one that describes when she was mooing while giving birthReally.

•  I found this really fabulous video on doing more great work -- and immediately published it over at the LIME retreats blog.  It's an interview of author and business coach Michael Bungay Stanier,  and he describes why it's important to know what your superpowers are in order to elevate the kind of work you do.  It's such a clear, common-sense-yet-totally-inspirational video, and if you work in any capacity, I strongly recommend you put aside 30 minutes to watch it.  It resonated with me more deeply than any video I've seen online in recent memory.

•  My friend Kal, the artist behind the stunning "Wildly Convinced You're Uncommonly Beautiful" poster, has reopened her online shop! This is great news, because she's continuing to offer the large 16"X20" limited edition print, but ALSO, she's made available a smaller 8"x10" print as well!  And that's not even the best part: Kal is offering $10 off either print until 11:59 p.m., Sunday, September 23rd -- simply enter discount code CHOOKOOLOONKS at checkout.  Go! Get you one!

•  Finally, please go check out my latest post at Bliss Your Heart -- I talk about why I'm so grateful for the space program.  Because I so am.

And with that, have a great weekend, friends. See you next week.

Song:  Drive by Bobby McFerrin.  Because Bobby makes me happy.