summer break, redux: on finding purpose (and season 5 is coming soon!)

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Season 5 of the Make Light Show back soon to some ear buds near you!

This past summer, I took a break from our regular schedule and format, and recorded in a more casual, off-the-cuff way. I didn’t script anything, and other than writing down a few talking points on whatever piece of paper was nearby, I just talked naturally into the microphone.

And the truth is, I loved it.

So I’m going to continue doing so for the upcoming season 5, and share more personal thoughts and stories, including people and books that changed my life, how to stay encouraged when the world seems like a dumpster fire, and of course, interviews with really interesting people.

Season 5 starts next week. And to get your primed for what’s to come, I thought I’d reshare an episode I did over the summer, about finding your purpose, recorded in an arboretum near my home.

Enjoy, friends. And stay tuned for season 5.

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another way to find your purpose: join me at lime retreat

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