One from the archives -- reprocessed to  practice with my new Photoshop tools .  

One from the archives -- reprocessed to practice with my new Photoshop tools.  

summer song
by Amy Turn Sharp

I'd like to tell you about your cameo in my dreams. And eat sticky buns.
Watch the sun slip across the plaster wall. Talk with my hands. Sit across from you.
Old chipped coffee mugs litter the table and the ceiling fan makes a noise.
This is a summer song. This is now.

The story of the day, above, is by my friend, Amy Turn Sharp.  Amy is a poet, and tells the most beautiful stories with just a few very brief lines.  Unlike previous stories I've featured here on Chookooloonks, I've shared this one in its entirety instead of merely an excerpt; however, for more of her lovely work, please visit Amy's site.  She's a beautiful storyteller.



Song:   Tell me by Young Love