my new bio photo & a great deal on rivet & sway glasses

photo by  maile wilson

photo by maile wilson

I promised you guys that I would share the results of the photo shoot that I pressed my friend Maile into doing for me last weekend-- the shot above is my absolute favourite.  

In addition to being an incredible photographer, Maile is one of my closest friends, so I knew she was someone I could feel comfortable taking my picture.  I was right:  she got that shot above, no lie, about 30 seconds after we began.  We had driven to a nearby, picturesque town,  got out of the car, and she was immediately drawn to that brick wall.  I put down my bag, picked up my camera, and she started shooting.

Half a minute later, she said, "Okay, I got it." 

"You got  it?!"

"Yeah.  I mean, we'll keep shooting, but I got it.  I know I do." 

We shot for another hour.  When Maile sent me her favourites, there were about 40 images total -- and they were all great.  But I loved the one above best.  The one she got 30 seconds into shooting. 


You might remember about a year ago, my eyesight started going south, and I somewhat reluctantly entered the reading glasses market.  At the time, I thought I was saved by the very awesome Rivet & Sway, a company that specializes in specs for women -- but little did I know that what was actually happening was I was entering the seedy underworld of Spectacles Addiction.

People, I have lost my mind.  In the last year I've  purchased 4 different pairs of glasses, and I'm frightened for myself that this might only the beginning.  Also, I wish someone would have warned me that when you change your hair -- like, say, get it all cut off -- you're going to need a whole new set of frames:

Photographed by Photo Booth on my computer, my latest pair.  These are called " Spitfire ."  Yeah, they are.

Photographed by Photo Booth on my computer, my latest pair.  These are called "Spitfire."  Yeah, they are.

Needless to say, Rivet & Sway and I are old friends now, and as a result, they've offered to hook Chookooloonks readers up with an incredible discount, should you be in the market for a pair of awesome specs.  Simply enter the code KARENSWAYS! on check-out to receive a $50 discount (offer good until December 31, 2013, United States only).    Perfect for the nearsighted, the farsighted, and super(s)heroes who need a disguise for their mild-mannered alter egos.

And on that note, have a great weekend, friends. 


Song:  Get lucky by Daft Punk