#tbt: 15 years, baby

  Marcus and me at  One Aldwych , London, England -- Friday, June 21, 2002.

Marcus and me at One Aldwych, London, England -- Friday, June 21, 2002.

Fifteen years ago yesterday, Marcus and I got drunk at lunchtime on sangria and tapas at a little Spanish restaurant near my London flat, before heading over to a small hotel off the Strand for our damned-near-impromptu wedding (we were about to move to America, and our marrying made his work visa easier to get).  We only had about 10 friends and family attend (did I mention this was a quickie wedding?), but we had a more formal white wedding a couple of months later.  Even though we planned this in only about a week's time, we had the foresight to buy disposable cameras for our guests (this was before camera phones were everywhere, remember?) and they all took photos that we developed later. These images are a few of them.

Happy anniversary, Marcus.  We may look different now, but my love for you has never wavered.  Here's to a million more years together.


Soundtrack:  Your love gets sweeter by Finley Quaye