#tbt last night: the beauty of routine


One of the things I'm so grateful for is that Alex continues to practice her guitar, and she continues to have her guitar lessons with her beloved Mr. Leland.  During volleyball season, they were doing their lessons via Skype on the weekends; now that the season is over, Mr. Leland has returned to our home to give her weekly lessons.

I love hearing them play together.  I always have, of course -- Leland is a gifted guitarist, and so is Alex -- but these days, I love it even more.  The sound is familiar.  It's the sound of our home ... even if home doesn't look anything like it did just 10 weeks ago.

(And it doesn't hurt that Leland is currently teaching Alex one of my favourite guitar songs, either.)




Soundtrack:  The song Alex is learning, Change the World, as performed by Babyface and Eric Clapton.