the make light show is back - first up: roxanna sarmiento!


The Make Light Show is back!  I'm so excited to announce that season 2 has officially begun, with all new episodes (and this time, I've even invited a few men to join in the fun).  But to start us off, I wanted to talk about aging ... fiercely.

Some backstory:  a couple of months ago, I was messing around on Pinterest (as I often do), and found an amazing photograph of dancer Twyla Tharp, doing this crazy high kick, at age 70.  I clicked on the image, and was surprised to find that it linked to a blog post written by a friend of mine, Roxanna Sarmiento, describing how much she's looking forward to getting older.  I gasped.   It completely mirrored my own thoughts on getting older, so I wanted to hear more, especially since she had written the post several years ago, and I wondered if her outlook had changed.  I immediately sent her a note asking if she would join me, and happily, she agreed.

The following is the result.  Click here or the arrow below to listen to our conversation.


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