what does it mean to "make light"?


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

~  Margaret Mead

As 2017 wound down, and 2018 came to be, I've been spending a lot of time (I mean, a lot of time) journaling and brainstorming and thinking about what I want my work to be all about in this new year.  For several years now, I've encouraged you to look for the light -- take the time to embrace your Different, as well as find where there is joy and goodness and beauty in your life and in other people.  I still believe very deeply in this, but after writing a book, followed by enduring a year of news headlines that seem to indicate very few powerful people care about anything other than their own self-interests, I'd like to broaden my focus.

I'd like us all to make light.

See, I figure we can't count on the politicians and the leaders of Fortune 500 companies (generally speaking) to help make the world a better place.  But honestly?  That's probably not a bad thing -- because I think collectively, those of us who lead with love and make an intention to do so this year, could actually change the world.  I think, based on the evidence provided by the women who appear in Make Light, as well the countless of amazing people that I share every week on This Was A Good Week, I know it's possible.  Image what would happen if we all focused on making light, on quiet activism?

And so in 2018, I've decided to focus all of the content that create on how you can make light in your own worlds.  Because I think making light requires a whole lot:  it requires self-care, and it requires connection, and it requires a commitment to changing the world.  

And so, here's what you can expect:

•  self-care

I'll be sharing more on caring for mind/body/spirit.  I'll share books and videos and content that will hopefully open your mind and inspire you to consider all the potential that you bring.  I'll share what I learn about caring for your body through joyful movement and nourishing food (without talking about fads or weight-loss goals or trendy workouts or anything as punishing as that -- you know me, I take a wide berth around those sorts of topics).  And of course, we'll talk about practices that help nurture your spirit, including gratitude practices, ways to practice self-compassion, even creating a home that is a haven to restore your soul.  And of course, we'll talk about creativity, through journaling, but I'll also share stories of other forms of self-expression, including various arts and style.

•  connection

I'll share more on ways to foster connection, through nurturing our most important relationships, as well as fostering new friendships.  When I share travel stories, I hope to share more than pretty photographs of scenery, but actually stories (video?) of people who are making light in their own communities that may be so different and foreign to your own.  

•  changing the world

Finally, I'll be sharing whatever I can on cultivating the courage needed to change the world Relying on the stories I collect, as well as my certification as a Daring Way® Facilitator, we'll talk vulnerability and authenticity.  We'll talk about how to become crystal clear on our own values, exploring our passions, and seeing what causes they lead us to champion.   And finally, I'll share ways to cultivate courage and leadership in your own lives and work.


This is clearly a lot.  And of course, I've been talking about most of these things at various points here on the blog and in my own work as speaker and workshop facilitator.  But I'll be focusing on these topics with far more intention and regularity in 2018.  I've modified the front page of Chookooloonks to reflect this broader scope.  Things like Facebook Live Friday will continue (I go live every Friday at 11 a.m. US central time on Facebook to tackle your related questions), and alleluia, Season 2 of The Make Light Show begins tomorrow, which will tackle all of these topics with more focus (by the way, have you subscribed to this fun podcast yet?).   Also, since we're talking about subscribing, be sure to subscribe to the Make Light Community newsletter (if you already receive a monthly newsletter from me, don't worry, you're already all signed up).  In addition to receiving content related to making light that I don't share on the blog, you'll be the first to get free downloadables and dreamsheets that provide journaling prompts on may of the topics mentioned above, so you don't want to miss it.

Finally, because I'm really committed to creating community around this concept of making light, I'd love to work with you!  If you have product or a service that you think speaks directly to the above and would like to talk about creating some sponsored content, let's talk.  And of course, if you're part of an organization (whether large corporation, nonprofit or even university) with a community who you think would love to hear this message of making light and quiet activism, please don't hesitate to contact me.

So that's what I've been thinking about.  If you have any thoughts related to what you'd like to see more of here, or questions you'd like me to tackle on an upcoming Facebook Live, or even know of someone who would be a great guest on The Make Light Show, leave a comment below.  I would sincerely love your ideas and feedback.

Let's light this world up.


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