this was a good week


First week of 2018, baby!  And this was a good one.  Here's why:

•  Much like Bjørn, we continue to put down new roots:  we met with our builder on Tuesday to do the fun stuff, like picking out quartz countertops for our kitchen, hardwoods and carpeting for our floors, tile for our bathrooms.  Fingers crossed we can break ground next month.

•  5 ways to be kind.  Yes, yes, yes.

•  I've been toying with creating some sort of practice for January, so I'm loving this iPad drawing practice that Danny Gregory has started for himselfMaybe something like that?

•  You know I'm a big proponent of journaling.  If you'd like to start a practice but don't know how, here are 14 easy suggestions.

•  A jellyfish that looks like fireworks when lit.  Gorgeous.

•  Speaking of the ocean, the American Northeastern states are frozen right now -- so frozen, the sea is making Slurpee waves.  Dude.  I would never get in that.

•  And finally, for today's soundtrack, Jidenna's latest, Boomerang.  Click the arrow below to listen -- it's the kind of thing you want to hear on cozy winter nights.


Have a great weekend, lovelies.