the times, they are a changin'


Last week, while talking about my weird childhood obsession of rearranging the furniture in my bedroom, I mentioned that I felt a site redesign coming on.  I also promised that I would let you know before I did anything drastic to the site.

This, my friends, is me making good on that promise.

Over the weekend, I'll be redesigning  For the next few days, the site might look seriously wonky, but please don't readjust your sets:  it's just me, doing my very best to get the site ready for its next chapter.  My hope is that even though it will look very different from the way it does now, it will be cleaner, simpler and more authentic to where I am in my own journey.

Thanks in advance for your patience, friends, and please pardon my dust.  Have a great weekend -- I'll be working hard, and looking forward to seeing you on the other side.

story of the day:  i'm strange. and i like it from  I loved this post because he succinctly says in a few paragraphs what I attempted to say in over 200 pages of The Beauty of Different;  also, it's a pretty good description of where my headspace is these days, especially as I redo the site: 

"Here's the one consistent thing, that little inside place that has continually gotten pegged as weird, be it good weird or bad weird, is the same place that always radiates with joy for me. I don't mean joy. I mean JOY. That utter abandonment of all cares or concerns, the I-could-give-a-rip relishing that only comes in moments where we feel completely, deeply, authentically ourselves. Why then are so many of us quick to squelch that expressiveness and abandon that feeling of freedom? Abandon ourselves?"  (read more)