this is not a real post


This is a test post.  Chookooloonks is conducting a test of the ongoing blog redesign.  If this had been a real post, there would be something written here comprised of words that might actually be worth your time, something that would hopefully have added a smile to your face, or made you feel better about life in general.  Instead, you're getting a photograph of one of my neighbour's zinnias, and an old and very funny TED talk video from Charlie Todd of Improv Everywhere on the shared experience of absurdity (actually, in all honesty, you really should watch this one, because it likely will make you feel better about life in general.  Click the image below to watch).

So, yes.  This is only a test.

(I now return you to your regularly scheduled Chookooloonks.) 


(Have a great weekend, friends.)