this was a good week


Happy New Year, everyone!  These are the things that made my soul happy this week:

•  We're back from our little mini-adventure to Santa Fe!  I have tons of photographs that I can't wait to share with you -- and I will, once they're all processed.  But for now, the image above (and this image, and this image) will give you an idea of the kind of time we had.  Santa Fe is really such a special place.

•  That said, it didn't snow at all while we were in New Mexico, which was a pity, because I was hoping to capture some images like these.  Alicia does such an amazing job.

•  I've had this nagging little desire in the back of my head to learn how to make pottery (maybe a goal for 2014?).  So this video, of animated ceramics for heaven's sake, is really fanning the fires of my little dream.

•  Speaking of animation, here are some even more funky images.  Awesome.

•  Steve McCurry is one of my personal photography heroes (you might know him from his award-wining image, The Afghan Girl).  So I find this series that he did showing family tables around the world particularly riveting.

•  Happy birthday to my dear friend Jenny.  She turned 40 -- and she knows exactly what's up.

•  By the way, while I was gone, the lovely Upworthy featured my little video again -- and I'm truly grateful.  Thank you to all who have visited because of Upworthy's kindness, truly.

•  And finally, with a hat-tip to my friend Pam, today's song of the day, courtesy of Pharrell Williams.  Click here or on the image below to enjoy -- because every year should start of with a healthy dose of happy.


On that note, have an amazing weekend, friends.  I'll be back in full force on Monday.